If the system is already configured take a look to the Operation manual

Drive protections

Summit servo drives include a wide set of hardware and firmware protections that allows reaching the maximum performance with the required safety for the application and the drive itself. These protections are detailed in the product manual.

Motor and brake

Summit devices can drive a wide variety of actuators. This page describes how the motors are parameterized and how to use additional motor elements such as brake and temperature sensors.


Setting a proper commutation method is required for BLAC / BLDC motors. Summit servo drives include different strategies to configure the commutation with the highest precision.


A wide set of feedbacks is supported by Summit servo drives. The next pages describe the different options and how to configure each of them.

Inputs and outputs

Summit servo drives include a set of outputs and inputs for general purposes that might be used by the master to extend the functionalities of the application.

Shunt braking resistor

Summit series devices allow using shunt braking resistors to dissipate the regenerative energy on the DC bus.