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Controllable motors
  • Brushless DC (trapezoidal commutation).
  • Brushless AC (sinusoidal commutation).
  • DC brushed.

Both rotary and linear motors can be controlled.

Torque feedback sensor
  • Analog input for external torquemeter.
  • Torque estimation based on current sensing.
Velocity feedback sensor
  • Digital halls.
  • 2x Quadrature incremental encoder.
  • 2x Absolute encoders based on SSI or/and BiSS-C
Position feedback allowed
  • Digital halls.
  • 2x Quadrature incremental encoder.
  • 2x Absolute encoders based on SSI or/and BiSS-C

Supported BiSS-C and SSI frames up to 64 bits

Position value range up to 32 bits.

Supported multi-turn absolute encoders.

Digital inputsUp to 4.
Digital outputsUp to 4.
Analog inputUp to 2
Command sources
  • Network communication
    • EtherCAT
    • CANopen
    • MCB (proprietary protocol)
Shunt regulator Configurable activation and deactivation voltages
  • Configurable voltage to reduce heat dissipation.
Motion modes
  • Profiled position.
  • Profiled velocity.
  • Interpolated position.
  • Cyclic position.
  • Cyclic velocity.
  • Cyclic torque.
  • Homing.
  • Position
  • Velocity
  • Current
  • Cyclic Current
  • Current amplifier
  • Voltage
Control modes
  • Current up to 75 kHz update rate.
  • Velocity up to 25 kHz update rate. 
  • Position up to 25 kHz update rate.
Electronical Commutation for brushless motors
  • Trapezoidal.
  • Sinusoidal (based on field oriented control).
  • CANopen networking CiA-301, CiA-303, CiA-305, CiA-306 and CiA-402 compliant.
  • EtherCAT with CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT), FoE (File over EtherCAT) and EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT)
  • MCB (proprietary protocol) based on SPI, Ethernet, Serial (UART, USB, RS422, etc)
  • Bus over-voltage. User configurable.
  • Bus under-voltage. User configurable.
  • Over temperature. User configurable.
  • Under temperature. User configurable.
  • Motor overload (i2t). User configurable.
  • Motor over-temperature. User configurable.
  • Short-circuit detection. Phase-Gnd, Phase-DCbus, Phase-Phase.
  • Mechanical limits detection.
  • Hall sequence / combination error.