Safety Information

For your safety

The instructions set out below must be read carefully prior to the initial commissioning or installation in order to raise awareness of potential risks and hazards, and to prevent injury to personnel and/or damage to property. 

To ensure safety when operating this servo drive, it is mandatory to follow the procedures included in this manual. The information provided is intended to protect users and their working area when using the device, as well as other hardware that may be connected to it.


Electric servo drives are dangerous: The following statements should be considered to avoid serious injury to individuals and/or damage to the equipment:

  • Do not touch the power terminals of the device (supply and phases) as they can carry dangerously high voltages > 50 V. 
  • Never connect or disconnect the device while the power supply is ON to prevent danger to personnel, the formation of electric arcs, or unwanted electrical contacts.
  • Disconnect the drive from all power sources before proceeding with any wiring change.
  • The surface of the device may exceed 100 ÂșC during operation and may cause severe burns to direct touch.
  • After turning OFF and disconnecting all power sources from the equipment, wait at least 10 seconds before touching any parts of the controller, as it can remain electrically charged or hot.


The following statements should be considered to avoid serious injury to those individuals performing the procedures and/or damage to the equipment:

  • Always comply with the connection conditions and technical specifications. Especially regarding wire cross-section and grounding. 
  • Some components become electrically charged during and after operation. 
  • The power supply connected to this controller should comply with the parameters specified in this manual.
  • When connecting this drive to an approved power source, do so through a line that is separate from any possible dangerous voltages, using the necessary insulation in accordance with safety standards.
  • High-performance motion control equipment can move rapidly with very high forces. An unexpected motion may occur especially during product commissioning. Keep clear of any operational machinery and never touch them while they are working.
  • Do not make any connections to any internal circuitry. Only connections to designated connectors are allowed.
  • All service and maintenance must be performed by qualified personnel.
  • Before turning on the drive, check that all safety precautions have been followed, as well as the installation procedures.