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Your servo controller and voice coil actuator are preconfigured with factory-default settings designed to make it easy to use without needing additional configuration.

Every Developers Kit has a unique serial number. Each voice coil has been factory calibrated to achieve better performance and linearity.

However, you can edit the configuration parameters at any time with the MotionLab configuration and programming software to adapt it to your application.

Welcome Screen

After installing the MotionLab software on your computer, follow these steps to connect to your controller. 

  1. Run the MotionLab application. The default location is: Start > Programs Menu > MotionLab
  2. Click Work Online

Online Mode

The Online Mode screen displays a list of the servo drives that MotionLab has found on your local network.

By pressing the Refresh List button, you can update the detected drive list. You can select one of these Drives from the list and click Add to continue. This will connect you to the drive and you will be given the option to use a wizard to setup the drive or work directly with pre-stored configurations.

  • Click the Add button

Drive Overview

Once your drive is connected, the Drive Overview shows a summary of the drive that you are using. The current configuration stored in your controller is uploaded to MotionLab.

If you navigate through the different sections you will have access to factory settings (actuator and winding parameters, PID loops, motion limits, etc).

For more details about the software and the different windows and panes available, please refer to the MotionLab User Manual.

Motor Parameters

After connecting and automatically loading a parameters file, click on the Motor tab under the Drives in Network navigation window. This screen shows the basic voice coil parameters stored in your controller.

All BEI Kimco voice coils come with a configuration file that has these parameters already defined.

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